A Couple Of Quotes and A Couple Of Links

"Drew's Script-O-Rama is the #4 Online Movie Outlaw" declared Roger Ebert
in his "Top 5 Online Movie Outlaws" column.

"Drew's Feinberg's celebrated Script-O-Rama is a must for any fan" declared USA TODAY.
(Read The Article)

"The most comprehensive screenplay site in cyberspace!" declared Charles Deemer
in his "The Screenwriter In Cyberspace" column. (Read The Column)

"Drew's Scripts-O-Rama is the place to go if you're trying to find a decent collection of scripts to your favorite films of yesteryear." -Entertainment Weekly. (See The Hot List)

"Drew Feinberg calls his site 'The Definitive Guide to Free Film Scripts on the Web.' Mr. Media agrees."- Mr. Media. (Read The Column)

"There's so much raw and polished material available, this gateway ought to be on every creative writer's hotlist!"- Netsurfer Digest. (Read The Review)

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