DREW'S ADAPTATION GIVEAWAY: I just realized I've got an extra Adaptation mini poster (pictured here) that would look just swell on your wall. Since to paraphrase Lou Rawls, you'll never find somebody who loves you tender like I do (there's no ifs, and, buts, or maybes), I'm giving it away to one random lucky guest of the Rama. Yes, as opposed to doing one of my sadistic trivia contests, I've decided to help out my karma and just give this one away without making anybody jump through any hoops o' fire.

Enter as many times as you like, your obsessive-compulsive tendencies will not be an albatross around your neck in this giveaway. The deadline to enter is 11:59 pm E.S.T. on November 15, 2003. Any entry made after November 15, 2003 will result in an e-mail succinctly stating "You snooze, you lose" and the entry be invalid. The winner will be announced November 25, 2003 and with his/her permission, be given public acclaim on the web site. Void where prohibited. But honestly, if you live in a place that won't even allow you to win a stinkin' movie giveaway, you should probably consider moving. Everyone's name and e-mail address will be discarded in a sterile environment once the winner is announced. At no time will they be given to anyone, even those annoying Girl Scouts, who offered to pony up Australia if they could hound my visitors with Thin Mint offers. Not ruling Australia will be tough, but hey, to paraphrase my man Johnny Caspar, you gotta have ethics.

I still haven't fixed this stinkin' form, so just shoot me an e-mail at: and put "Adaptation" in the subject line and you're in like Flynn.