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Film Script Title Script Type Size Available From
Three KingsFirst Draft257K MSOL
Three KingsRevised Draft257K AMS
Three KingsShooting Draft257K FMA
5th Element Script 121K Anonymous Donation
5 Easy Pieces Script176KSFY
The Sixth Sense Script 252K Cinema Script
7 Days To Live (Word Doc) 2nd Draft245KMovie Page
7 Days To Live (Word Doc) Shooting Script245KMovie Page
8 Legged Freaks Script250KMovie Page
8 Mile (PDF) Script222K AMS
8 MM First Draft252K Scriptzone
10 Things I Hate About You Script214KTDS
12 Script183K 12
12 Monkeys Production Draft253K FMA
13 Days Script308K Moviemalls
15 Minutes Script246K TDS
1492: Conquest Of Paradise Revised Script171K Donated By The WoodPecker
187 (PDF File) Shooting Script246K TDS
25th Hour Script 140K AMS
2001: A Space Odyssey Script189K Kubrick On The Web
Above The Law (PDF File) Script189K TDS
Absolute Power (PDF File) Draft177KTDS
The AbyssDirector's Revision242K Ike And His Karma
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Script313KJim Carrey Online
Adaptation(PDF File) 2nd Draft 153K Being Charlie Kaufman
Adaptation(PDF File) Revised Draft 153K Being Charlie Kaufman
The Addams Family (PDF File) Shooting Script 153K TDS
Addicted To Murder 2: The Last Vampire Script173KAddicted To Murder
The Adventure (L'Avventura) Script173K Un-Official.com
Afterlife (Word) Script173K Afterlife: The Movie
The African Queen Script 187K TWS
After School Special (PDF File) Script222KScriptsales
After The TruthScript207K Script Hollywood
Age Of Consent Script177KKingrr's Home Page
Agnes Of God Script135KAwesome
Air Force One Script266K Movie Page
Alien Revised Final Draft202K Bamzone
Alien Early Draft177KGods Among Directors
Aliens First Draft259K Gods Among Directors
Alien 3 Revised Draft172K Gods Among Directors
Alien 3 Different Revised Draft 194K Alien Movies Resource Page
Alien 3 Gibson Script150KThe Alien Resource Page
Alien 3 Unused Draft150KDaily Script
Alien 3 Different Unused Draft150KAlien 3 Scripts
Alien Nation Rewrite119K James Cameron
Alien: Resurrection (Alien 4) Shooting Script140K Pirates Video
Aliens Vs. Predator Shooting Script222K TDS
Aliens Vs. Predator Unused Script222K Pirates Video
All About Eve Script222K Bamzone
All The President's Men Revised Draft246K The Internet Guide To Harrison Ford
Almost Famous Script176KMovie Page
Amadeus Script215KAnonymous Donation
American Beauty Early Draft229K Moon's Script World
American Beauty Final Draft220K Moon's Script World
American Grafitti Script24 Pieces Awesome Film
American History X Early Draft3 Pieces The First American History X Page
American History X Original5 Pieces The First American History X Page
American Outlaws Revised Draft180K Movie Page
American Pie Revised Draft180K Bamzone
American Psycho 4th Draft176KMovie Page
American Psycho Unproduced Draft176KTDS
The American President Script166KCinema Script
American Shaolin Script235KScreenplay 451
American Splendor (PDF) Shooting Script308K TDS
An American Tragedy Unproduced Script189KTGAS
American Werewolf In London Script 215K Hundland.com
American Werewolf In Paris Second Draft250K Freek Land
Analyze This (PDF File) Script176KMovie Page
Analyze That (PDF File) Script176KMovie Page
Anastasia Script153KMovie Script Archive
Angel Eyes (PDF File) Script177KTDS
Annie Hall Script171K Gods Among Directors
Anniversary Party Script213K Tattoine
Antz Script157K Cartoon Scripts
Any Given SundayShooting Script257K TDS
The Apartment Script130K Awesome
Apocalypse NowEarly Draft146K Movie Stuff
Apt Pupil Production Draft188K Movie Page
ArcadeScript155KPaul's Pleasure Palace
Arctic Blue Script225K Gods Among Directors
Armageddon Draft250K Unofficial.com
Army Of Darkness Shooting Script144K Gods Among Directors
As Good As It Gets Script168KCinema Script
Assassins Early Draft188KDonated By Robin Warder
Assassins Revised Draft130KMoon's Script World
At First Sight Script153KMovie Script Archive
At Land Script164K TGAS
Austin Powers Script161KMoon's Script World
Austin Powers 2 Script147KMoon's Script World
The Avengers Early Draft146K The Avenger's Script Page
Awakenings (PDF FIle) Draft214KAMS
The Bachelor PartyScript237KTGAS
Back To The Future First Draft240Kbttf.com
Back To The Future 2 & 3 (PDF File) Early Draft230K bttf.com
Badlands Final Dialogue And Continuity Script94K Rustle's Home Page
Bad Boys (PDF File) Script229KMovie Page
Bad Lieutenant Draft245KAMS
Bad Santa Production Draft266K AMS
Bamboozled Script236K Awesome Movie Scripts
Barbershop Script188K AMS
Barton Fink Script130K StoneCold
Barry Lyndon Script245KMovie Page
The Base Script119KW.C. Martell's Secrets Of Action Screenwriting
Basic (PDF File) Script119KAMS
Basic Instinct Script224KAnonymous Donation
Basquiat Script108K James' Home Page
Batman First Draft250KFMA
Batman Revised First Draft173KSci-Fi Scripts
Batman Partial Sam Hamm Draft87KFabio2's Batman 5 Page
Batman And Robin Screenplay123KDonated by Tim "Two-Face"
Batman Forever Production Draft225K Gods Among Directors
Batman Returns Early Draft267KFMA
Batman Returns Shooting Draft200KFMA
Battle Of Algiers Script116K The Cinematograph
Battleship Galactica Script200K Scriptzone
The Beach Script256KHear Him Roar
Bean (Word Doc) First Draft356Kole tus webs!
Beauty And The Beast Script210K Classic Movie Scripts
Beavis And Butthead Do America Script247K Movie Page
Bedlam Final Script173KVal Newton Screenplay Collection
Being Human(PDF File) Script222KTDS
Being John Malkovich Script217K Studio UR
Being There Script120K Satire Screening Room
Big Fish (PDF File) Production Draft210K John August
The Big Blue Script240K Hundland.com
The Big Lebowski Script240KHardcopy donated by Steve S. (My Hero!)
The Birds (.pdf file) Final Script342KScreen Talk
Blade Runner Rewrite196K
Blade Runner Script197KAnonymous Donation
Big Trouble In Little China (Partial) Script206KWing Kong Exchange
Blade Script177KAnonymous Donation
Blade 2 Shooting Script206KHomepage
Blast From The Past Script229KMovie Page
Blood Moon (.pdf file) Script180KScreenplay 451
Blood Simple Script224K Awesome Scripts
Blood Work (PDF File) Revised Draft224K TDS
Bloody Murder(Partial) Script206KBloody Murder Films
Bloody Murder 2(Partial) Script206KBloody Murder Films
Blue Velvet Shooting Script164K Lynchnet
Blues Brothers (PDF File) Script229KScreentalk
Blues Brothers 2000 Script229KMovie Page
The Bodyguard (PDF File) Script157K TDS
Body Of Evidence Second Draft178K Gods Among Directors
Body Heat(Adobe Acrobat Format) 3rd Draft 555K ScreenTalk
The Body Snatcher Script250K Val Lewton Screenplay Collection
Boiler Room Script234K Awesome Scripts
Blow Script213K Tattoine
Bones Script94KHorror World
Bonnie And Clyde Script224K Awesome Scripts
Boogie Nights Script273K Anonymous Donation
Bonfire Of The Vanities (PDF File) Script176KMovie Page
Bottle Rocket Script164K Awesome Scripts
Bound First Draft130KMovie Page
Bound Final Draft177K Bound 100% Unofficial
Braveheart (Word Doc) Early Draft205KDave's Space
Brazil Early Draft276 Terry Gilliam's Brazil
Break (Oliver Stone) (PDF File) Unproduced Script276 Movie Page
Breakdown(PDF File) Script276 Movie Page
Bringing Out The Dead First Draft829K Movie Page
Broken Arrow 4th Draft150KScreen Talk
The Bridges Of Madison County Script166KCinema Script
Broadcast News Script165KCinema Script
Bruce Almighty (PDF) Draft253K AMS
Bucket Of Blood Script 72K Movie Scripts
Buffy The Vampire Slayter Script157K TDS
Bull Durham Script257KU.C. Riverside's Screenscribe Home Page
Butterfly Effect Script257KHorror Lair
Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari Script210K Classic Movie Scripts
The Cable Guy Script385KJim Carrey Online
Casablanca (Adobe Acrobat) Script.PDF file Anonymous Donation
Casino Script379KNew Zealand Newton Page
Cast Away Third Draft187K Movie Page
Cat People Script 208K Whiskey Loose Tongue
Catwoman (Unproduced) Script277KSci-Fi Scripts
The Cell Script 200K JoBlo
Cellular (PDF File) Draft277KAMS
Chance Draft277KThe Essence Of Amber
Charade Script184KUn-Official.com
Charlie Chan Carries On Final Shooting Script184KCharlie Chan Family Home Page
Charlie Chan's Chance Screen Continuity184KCharlie Chan Family Home Page
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case Revised Shooting Script184KCharlie Chan Family Home Page
Charlie Chan's Courage Final Shooting Script184K Charlie Chan Family Home Page
Charlie's Angels (PDF File) Script222KTDS
Chasing Amy Script229KMovie Page
Chasing Sleep Script233KScreensource
Cherry Script268KCypress Films
Cherry Falls Script141K Bangkok.com
Chinatown Third Draft158KCourtesy Of Bob
Cider House Rules Script276 Movie Page
Cinema Paradiso Shooting Script250K AMS
Citizen Kane Script250KCourtesy Of John Powers/Jon Reifler
City Of Joy (PDF File) Early Draft 241K Hundland.com
Clerks Script147K Movie Page
A Clockwork Orange (.pdf file) Script264KScreenplay 451
Cobb (PDF File) Script 241K Hundland.com
Cold Mountain (PDF) Script176KScript Fix
Collateral Draft173KTDS
Collateral Damage Script189K TDS
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind 3rd Draft163KBeing Charlie Kaufman
Confidence (PDF File) First Draft222KAMS
Contact Early Draft236K Hundland.com
The Cooler (PDF) Script222K AMS
Copycat Script176KCinema Script
Cortes (Unproduced Kazan PDF) Script222K WGA
The Corrupter Script164K Movie Page
Cradle To The Grave Late Draft 122K Connie's Warwick Davis Fanpage
Crash Script240KMovie Scripts Online
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Script70KAwesome
The Crow Script127K Gods Among Directors
The Crow: City Of Angels Script167K A Boy And His Bird
The Crow: Salvation Script222K Movie Page
The Crow: 2037 Script176K A Boy And His Bird
The Crying Game Script568KMovie Scripts Online
Curse Of The Cat People Script173KVal Newton Screenplay Collection