Award and Merits
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Point Communication's Top 5% Award
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Magellan's 4 Star Rating
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Excite Review's 4 Star Rating
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Lycos' Sites By Subject: Popular Sites From A-Z
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Webcrawler Select: The Best Of The Net
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The Script Tutor's Four Lips Award
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Powerpage Top 100 Award

CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite Award

Click's Cool Site Award

Signs Of Intelligence Award

The Komputer Klinic's Kool Site Award

Mitsubishi Electronics' Fun Link

Featured In Film and Video On The Internet: The Top 500 Sites

Yahoo's Cool Sunglasses Designation

Currently Ranked #7 In Take 40

Phenomenal Page Award: 1/23/97

Free-N-Cool's Pick Of The Day Award: 1/13/97

Starting Point's Hot Site Award: 12/19/96

Andrew's Cool Sites Of The Week: Week of 10/28/96

PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites: 10/96
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PC Magazine's Site Of The Day: 8/29/96
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Ranked #15 In The Leisure Category of The I-Way 500 Fall Edition
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USA Today's Hot Site Award: 7/19/96-7/21/96

PRN Radio Network's Award Of Excellence: 7/96

Internet Book Shop's Site Of The Week: 6/24/96
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Blue Planet's Cool Site Of The Day Award: 5/29/96

The Mac Magazine's E-Zone Site Of The Day: 5/4/96
(Read Review)

General Media's Puppy's Pick: 4/6/96

Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page Pick Of The Month: 2/96

Ground Zero Cool Pick: 1/3/96

Paul's Place Page Of The Day: 1/2/96

WLYN's Featured Link: 1/96

The Family Jewel Award: 12/30/95

LynxOfTheWeek Perfect 10: 12/29/95

Joe The Circle Out Of Site Award!: 12/29/95

Marc's Link Of The Day: 12/28/95

Ozark's Site Of The Day: 12/27/95

Tabatha's Personal Site Of The Day: 12/25/95

Wiretrap's Pick Of The Day: 12/24/95

Larry's Link Top Site: 12/21/95-1/21/96

Cool Site Of The Nite: 12/21/95

Cybercinema's Site Of The Week: 12/18/95-1/4/96 Kewl Page Of The Moment: 12/11/95-1/11/96

Dynamite Site Of The Nite: 12/11/95

Bob's Kool Link: 12/10/95

Irene's Hit Of The Day: 11/30/95

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