Lend A Hand

Do you have this overwhelming urge to help me out but don't quite know what to do? Well, lemme tell ya, there's lots of ways.

(a) Mail me a script. Yes, that's right. Here's how it works:

1. You mail a script to the address on the bottom of this page.
2. The oompa-loompas (hey, they work for free) take the script and work their oompa magic and somehow the script winds up on the internet! I asked them how it worked once, but they just burst into song and I had flee.
3. Finally, they mail the script back to you, and they go back to tending to Mr. Majestyk's watermelons. It's a hard knock life for Oompa Loompas.

(b) Anonymously upload a script. Do you have some choice script sitting on your hard drive collecting dust when it could be being read by the masses? If you have Netscape, just point your browser to:
and then choose "upload file" under the "file" section (the first column on your left). If you don't have Netscape, and know how to use FTP, then by all means, use it. If all this makes no sense to you, you can always just snail-mail a disk.

(c) Keep providing feedback. I need you, I rely on you, I can't survive without you. Sounds like Renny's last words to Geena, no? Anyway, please keep sending me pointers, they're much appreciated. And of course, if you find a link that ain't quite working, let me know, daddy-o!

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